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About our Ecoodle Packs!

A brand-new approach to living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life, with everything you need right at your fingertips.

The concept is simple, pick a card, accept your mission and use the QR code on the back for hints, tips and guides.

This pack of cards includes 53 eco missions and 1 Mission Map card which guides you through your eco-journey.

The mission cards fall into 4 categories: challenge, change, create and wildcard so you can choose how you want to help the environment.

Will you take on a 2-week challenge, maybe swap one of your regular purchases, or create something to help the planet?

Whatever you choose, each card will provide you with information on the planet and climate change, what you need to do to complete the mission, and the number of points you earn by completing it to track against your Mission Map. 

What's more, with each card comes a QR code so that you can access all of our digital content such as how-to guides, staggering stats, photos and videos, handy links, recipes and much more.

Who can ecoodle?

Just about anyone! Complete missions on your own, compete with friends or family, or share online with our #ecoodling community.

Your Mission Map card gives you access to our 'how to play' page with lots of ideas on how to become the ultimate Ecoodler.

Take it slow, or try our '100 points in 100 days' challenge - that's up to you, as no matter how you play, you will be helping the planet along the way.

Our ethos is to encourage eco-living for everyone, by helping the planet one card at a time, becoming sustainable just got a whole lot more sustainable.

Our belief is that everyone can help the planet given the right tools to do so, that's why we've done the work for you -

pick up a pack, enjoy your missions, and rest assured that a mission complete is another win for the world.


Our packs are printed in Bournemouth, UK on sustainable card with biodegradable lamination.

Pack size: W121 x D26 x H71mm


Posted in plastic free packaging.

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