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Welcome to Ecoodle!

What is Ecoodle?

You’ve found a lovely growing community of people passionate to make the world a better place.

Ecoodle was founded in 2020 by a small group of enthusiastic people who wanted to make being environmentally friendly easy, accessible and of course, fun. Climate change is a daunting prospect, we see our world changing around us and it’s hard to know what to do and where to start. Ecoodle was set up for anyone and everyone who wants to take action.
We celebrate the small wins.
We get it, you’re busy, you can’t be expected to single-handedly combat climate change, that’s why we’ve broken it down into small missions for you (you’re welcome).

All our challenges can be implemented into your daily life and are designed to make a positive impact on the environment so you can rest assured that every mission you complete is one small win for the planet.

Our Eco-ethos

We believe that anyone can help the environment when given the tools to do so.
We want to make sure that nothing’s going to stop you from taking action, whether it’s our handy cards or our interactive QR codes, we’ve made it so that all you need to get started is always right at your fingertips.
We recognise the power of community.
We want you to feel motivated, inspired so we encourage Ecoodlers to share their journeys with us on our socials!

Our Promise

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Meet the Team!







Eleanor oversees the whole mission. She has a vision and works with the team to achieve it.
Chief Oodler
Matt is the brains behind our online store and site. QR codes, links, social media, anything technical,
he's your guy.
Greg makes sure we're on track to achieve our mission. With lots of experience, he's able to plan how we run the business side of things. 
Oodle Analyst
Alison helps provide both the wild ideas and the necessary drive to create
our products & is one of our best mission testers.
John oversees any client or commercial relations and helps get our products out on the shelves. 
Oodle Analyst
Jess takes lead of all our designs, graphics and illustrations. She brings Ecoodle to life.
Oodle Analyst
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Ecoodle Avatars Alison.png
Ecoodle Avatars Greg.png
Ecoodle Avatars Eleanor.png
Ecoodle Avatars Jess.png
Ecoodle Avatars Matt.png
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